Gripmaster leather grips?

Anyone heard any good things about these leather grips that Daly, Ogilvy and others are using? Proclaimed to be #1 leather grip on tour.

I’m looking for something I can discard the glove for, something good in wet and something that won’t callus my silky smooth, receptive hands. :confused:

I’m hoping they’d be lighter than rubber as well, but no details at

these grips are as good as they get…

they slip on so anyone can install them as you don’t have to wrap them as they are pre wrapped

the first batch I thought were the best…the newer ones seem a bit greasy to begin with but get better over time

Ogilvy and Daly’s are a new one-- kangaroo or Ostrich or something or other- I gripped Ogilvy’s and Daly’s clubs at Aust Open to feel them and they were soft and tacky and beautiful

They also last for quite some time so long as you don’t go jamming clubs down the bag into one another and ripping them or scuffing them up

They are terrific in bad weather…just a few dabs with a towel and they feel good again and give you the confidence to swing without flinging the club away

ooo, that’s exciting… and I won’t have to resort to resin! :smiley:

So far it looks cheaper to get them from England than Australia–where they’re apparently made. :imp:

Do you reckon ‘soft’ could mean loss of feel, just like a flexible shaft or hitting your sister with a pillow instead of a tennis racket?

I bought ONE of these grips (they are spendy)…In this hacker’s opinion—
—They are lovely to look at
—VERY sticky when new
—medium soft when new (thats a good thing for me)
—the owner of the company told me they will outlast my irons (I assume he figured I trade in for new ones like everyone else these days LOL)

after 3 or months—

—you have to dampen them some (every swing) to get them sticky again
—the softness goes away quite a bit—I like a “squishy” grip…

I am undecided as to regripping all my clubs with these…

Just one guys opinion…


Sorry I didn’t see your reply earlier bentshaft–thanks for the feedback. Was it the kangaroo one?

I’ve got to reshaft my 3-iron–maybe I’ll try one out. I noticed on the vid Rod just posted that Ogilvy indicated he’s using the kangaroo, but these guys probably get them regripped every few month.

Hi Steb
Mine are just the standard leather…no kangaroo! I wonder if the difference would be noticeable?
I think trying just one for an experiment makes perfect sense.
I put mine on the PW, so it gets a work out for sure!!
The jury is still out for me, let us know if you try 'em out


I’m not getting good vibes from the company.

Sent email asking for local dealers. No answer. No phone number or address details on website. Only found one place selling them online in Australia and they were around $50 US a piece. Despite supposedly an Australian company, a few posters on other forums found big stock shortages here. Saw them on a few sites in the States for a much more reasonable price, about 1/3 from memory.

I really was hoping to find something good in the wet without going cord, but it’s not feasible ordering just one from the States.

I could order one for you, and be happy to do it—BUT
by the time we pay shipping to me (CA-USA), and then back to you, may not be worth it…
just food for thought…


Appreciate the offer bob but wouldn’t consider putting anyone to trouble to save a few measly bucks. Besides as you say, it’ll still work out expensive anyway. I’ll just keep my eyes open around here but probably just grab some Golf Pride Decades. Thanks. … ksid=p3686

This is the ebay shop of Mark Balmforth. I’ve got a couple of the Fairway wraps on woods right now and they are very good. Quite firm, as firm as any wrap I’ve found. Not quite as good in wet conditions as the old Neumann Calf but what is? I emailed inquiring about what the differences are between the golf and tennis wraps and Mark says that the only difference is the tennis wraps are a little longer but are perfectly suitible to use on golf clubs. I’m thinking of picking up a set of these Mayfairs: … :MEWAX:VRI

For the quality and lifespan these wraps will have the prices aren’t bad at all. These are all made by hand in Leeds so they have a very limited stock.

12 lengths for £72–that’s not too bad.

I seem to recall tennis grips only have adhesive on the edges of the strip.

Did you rely on this or totally glue the whole thing on?

The Fairways I have didn’t have any adhesive, I used tape on top of the underlisting as with the Neumanns, builds them up a bit and adds that bit of weight. I’d prob do the same even with the adhesive back.