Golf films

I think I have a DVD called ‘Golf Balls’…anyone heard of that one? I have no idea where I got it or why I have it

I flicked thru it one day but haven’t actually had the ‘balls’ to sit and watch from start to finish.

It looked like they turn a country club into some type of car wash boob fest…can’t be that bad… I think it looked like there was actual golf in the movie at one point :smiley:
maybe one day I will get around to watching out fully and give it a true rating…I am guessing it won’t be better than D minus for some parts and A for others :laughing:

IMDb give Golfballs! a 4.2 out of 10! That’s heaps better than A Hole in One which got 2.8. You definitely have to sit through it and rate it!