Golf and muscles and technique

Did Tiger build up the wrong muscles?

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Tiger has developed much heavier chest and upper arm muscle than Hogan ever did. Do you think that is as a result of differing swing technique or does it lead to different swing technique…


You don’t need big chest muscles to be top shelf ball striker… but that doesn’t mean that you “can’t” have big chest muscles.

A strong right arm to pull against the forces of CF comes in handy if you swing like Hogan, and what I encourage… to keep arm activity out of the golf swing as much as possible.

Strong forearms is VERY beneficial. Just look at great ball strikers…

Strong inner leg muscles… and lower back muscles for torso rotation… and of course abs.

Those are the ingredients…

I think Tiger has a great body for golf.

I’d say Tiger is doing ok :wink:

He should have worked his love muscle out a little less though :laughing:

I posted this topic for 2 reasons - one was that the images of Hogan from the 40’s show a real light weight guy (Gary Player strong rather than Tiger strong) - the other reason was that there used to be a clip on youtube where some old martial arts guru was critisising Bruce Lee for putting on too much “show-off” muscle for the film cameras…at the expense of speed…wondered whether Tiger might have done the same…his driver distance figures do not seem to have increased much despite the big muscle bulk… less than 10 yards between (1997-99) and (2006-2009).

2009 = 298.4 yards, 2008 = injured , 2007 = 302.4, 2006 = 306.4, 2005 = 316.1, 2004 = 301.9, 2003 = 299.5, 2002 = 293.7, 2001 = 297.6, 2000 = 298.0, 1999 = 293.1, 1998 = 296.3, 1997 = 294.8

During the same time time period the entire pro-golf herd moved about 15 yards up without maxing out so much on muscle.

10th went from 286yds(1999) to 301 (2009)

40th went from 278yds (1999) to 294 (2009)

70th went from 274 (1999) to 291 (2009)

Technology went along way to explain that improvement. Many say that optimising launch conditions has done alot of the distance catch-up and that Tiger prefers to give up some of this opportunity to give him more control …or something like that…

Just not convinced that the muscle has done him many favours - he clearly craves distance…wonder if Sadlowski will bulk up to try and stay at top of Long Drive fields…