Footwork, Old timer knees bent VS modern rigid knee

Hello from Indonesia-Asia, this is my first post I just receive signed in confirmation from John today, I am overwhelming, but I think I knew him quite a longtime (2003-2008), he use to guide me with his fantastic knowledge some where in TGC forum or other forum with the name of (Lagpressure?), Anyways, after I left US for 4 years my English getting rusty, to be honest back then I was not so good either, my son who spend ±10 years in So-Cal will continue to help me posted, He is now in Reno try to get some luck, I’m not saying for gambling but rather to get into one of the 4 spots in tommorow PGA tour Q school there.
Yesterday he send me an email with his swing video from the back, he seem to be wondering about his swing mechanic again, I didn’t comment about how his swing or what need to do but rather encourage him by saying :“you got a perfect swing”, intact I try to hide something … his swing went something like this :

[url]HELP! How to give some advise on his golf swing ? Scholar's Rory swing in Reno 8 I CIMG2199 - YouTube

[url]Any suggestions on his golf swing (slomo) I Need Your (tube's gurus) help! thank's a lot ..... - YouTube

what I may suggest is : The up swing a little more outside ( ala Tiger Woods / Ricky Fowler) and the downswing plane more inside w/ Rt elbow a little connect to Rt hipside, so his hands ay impact position will close to address pos.

He still have some wrists bow issue on his swing even i see Tiger Woods also slightly do this move but not as drastically as Dustin Johnson.

I still have a guilt toward him, bc I kind of introducing Hogan, Snead footwork move into his rigid knee footwork ala modern swing, I am big fans of classics footwork move ala Knudsen and Thomson because I grownup watching them
I Need some help or comments from this forum to help me out of my heavy shoulder!

He has a good swing…
If there is a problem with ball flight… it could be addressed with a closer look.
The big question is … does it repeat? Can he shape it a bit both ways?
How does he hold up under pressure? Does he have the right stuff to win and be a champion?

First I should apologize that I posted in wrong section, it should not be in top threads.
I already send questionnaire lesson for further evaluation, he can work the ball a little, in college he played baby fade, but now he back to baby draw (play draw since jr/amateur days), he had good career in Jr and Amateur days, in 2011 he came 2nd place 2 times in 1Asia tournament, but never been tested in bigger events.