Footjoy metal spiked shoes … 2ebede4eb2

I just want to throw this out here for whoever wants to take the chance of getting thrown off the golf course… :smiley: I got some Champ Pro Stinger cleats for all my shoes… I’ll let you know how they are because they’re “Softspikes” with metal covered by plastic… I could care less about the greens because I learned how to walk in golf shoes… ha… Has anyone tried the Pro Stingers?

Yes, I got a pack about 3 weeks ago. I only replace a few key spikes in my soft spikes shoes. Right shoe got the inside left ball of foot replaced and left shoe got the left outside ball of foot replaced. They grip pretty good but are shorter or appear to be shorter than the older real metal spikes. The plastic coating (or maybe just black paint) comes off the spike very quickly and will be a shiny metal spike. They still make alot of clack noise on concrete and are slippery on concrete/tile so be careful if you change out the whole set.

At first glance they look just like regular softspikes so you probably won’t get caught until you start walking on cart paths or indoors. Just wear you sneakers onto the course and keep you shoes in yer bag until you hit the first tee and then switch. Then when you finish the 18th, switch back to your sneakers. I used to do that way back when everything used to be metal spikes. Used to make them happy with the clubhouse/bar when I did that and I didn’t have to worry about slipping on the tile floors once you got inside. Nothing like trying to go ice skating in the mens restroom on the “wet” slippery tile floors. Not to mention they didn’t like you ripping up the carpet.

But it’s for the greens benefit if you don’t use metal spikes. :unamused: Unless of course you are a pro, then it’s all good cause you don’t have diseased metal spikes and the PGA doesn’t ban metal spikes because it’s not against the rules USGA/R&A. Unless of course you want to get into a US Open qualifier then you will be disqualified immediately for using metal spikes. But once you get to the US Open, then you can use metal spikes. WTF?!?

From the sounds of it, wouldn’t using a metal divot repair tool also disqualify you? You are making metal contact with the course. Of course, you do the same with your golf clubs. They don’t call em irons for nothing.

Here is the part on the US Open application about footwear.

It is a condition at all qualifying sites unless otherwise indicated by an
asterisk on this entry application that shoes with traditionally-designed spikes
(regardless of composition, i.e., ceramic, plastic, etc.) or spikes, regardless of
design, comprised either entirely or partially of metal (if such metal may come
in contact with the course) are prohibited during the stipulated round. Penalty
for breach of this condition: DISQUALIFICATION.

Thank you for the reply… I’ve seen greens get beat up from softspikes… Maybe I’ll get some type of paint to make sure metal stays black… Yeah, I always change my shoes after a round anyway… I’ll just jingle some change if I must walk on concrete… :slight_smile: