Flat Drivers

I have a few Titleist drivers that i’ve flattened for my own use that I won’t be using as i’m fairly settled with a driver now. If anyone is interested in taking one of these ones, please let me know.

9 degree 976R (210cc head) - 43.5" long
10.5 degree 975D (260 cc head) - 44"
9.5 degree 975J (312cc head) - 44"

All bent to 50 degrees
All weighted to 13.3 oz and SW D5
All have brand new unused tipped X steel shafts, and brand new Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grips with 1 wrap of tape.

£100 each + post from the UK. They are currently unpainted, just stripped and wire wooled. Can be sprayed grey or black if required.


Nice collection you have there NRG. i am also using a setup like this and love it. ( 975d - 9.5 - x100 tipped - flattened to 49*)… just curious what driver your gaming now that you want to sell all these beautys??

I use a 9.5 degree 975D, 43", 13.3 oz, tipped X. Only at 53 degrees though which I find plenty flat.

Also have the same in 8.5 degrees which I sometimes use when it’s really windy.

I highly recommend these drivers… I bought 2 from NRG and they’re great… The 976R looks like a modern fairway metal, and you can easily hit it off the deck and get it out there and you have to tee it low and you can’t get steep on it, really good feedback Titanium driver which is rare (I just had to weight down the head a little to get it right)… I game persimmon on shorter tighter tracks, but when course requires length off the tee, I use the 975J if it’s a bombers course and gain an extra 30 yards… The new gear DOESN’T go further… Good stuff… I really think people are getting tired of the modern gear, because they ask me all the time if they can hit my persimmons and these drivers and haven’t got any negative feedback yet…

Cheers Tony, you are spot on that the 976Rs are great for hitting off the deck. The heads are no bigger than a persimmon too.

I bought the 976R, a persimmon 2 wood and also commissioned a 983K from NRG.

I must say the smaller heads (around 200cc) are my favourites (despite the fact that on paper 983K is meaningfully smaller than today’s common fry pans) because the smaller heads seem to be so much more controllable and are very easy to middle. For me, the 976R incurs no noticeable distance penalty compare to my other modern drivers but offers a much better sensation.

The persimmon is beautiful and effective. A delicious feel both at impact and how it cuts through the air. I am enjoying practising with woods again after long periods of ambivalence. So the long and short of it, for me anyway, is that the smaller the head, the better the quality of my shots. The flat lies are great from day 1. The persimmon and 976R are in the game bag but the larger headed 983K stays out with my other dozen drivers.

NRG’s craftsmanship is really good. I recommend it.


Thanks Ben,

I would use persimmon all the time, you don’t really lose much distance, I just don’t like the extra attention you get on the first tee or having to explain to people why i’m using a 50 year old club, no one ever notices my old blades or sand wedge so thats not an issue.

The 976R is the most persimmonlike titanium I have tried, same size head as a persimmon, good for hitting off the deck. The 975D is the next best, bit bigger head but apparently only just over half the size of the modern ones. 983 look huge and not my choice at all.

just curious… How did you flatten them??


There’s a thread here on how to do it Zack


Its quite easy to snap them though, so don’t try it first on a club you like.

Hey NRG,

Wanna get my first ABS driver. Just started the program this week. I’m a single digit currently playing a Titleist 909D2 with 8 degree loft and a diamana x-stiff 73 gram shaft. Of the clubs you have there - which would you recommend? I am leaning towards the 976R if its still available. Since you have clearly spent a lot of time on this I appreciate your input. Also, if I want to get one of them, how do I proceed? I am in the USA in South Carolina.



The 975Ds are a good option imo. I have some 8.5 degree 975Ds if you prefer less loft. I have another 9 degree 976R if you want to go for one of the though.

If you think you would prefer to put in your own graphite shaft, I can provide the head only ready for shafting for £80, but i would recommend trying it with a X steel shaft first, cause much more in line with the rest of an ABS set.

So that roughly work out at

£30 for me to source and buy a suitable club
£50 to remove the shaft, strip the paint, bend it, fit a dummy piece of graphite shaft to fill the bore through hole (sanded flush), sand & wire wool the head, use a belt sander to remove the burn marks to the hosel, add some tungsten powder mixed with epoxy down the hole to add some weight (can get about 6gms in there)
£20 for a X steel shaft and new tour velvet grip

So £80 for just a clubhead or £100 for a completed club
Add £30 to spray paint the head, pick out the paintwork on the crown and lacquer (optional)

The postage cost would be cheaper if its just the a club head cause the box is much smaller. Post to US is about £30 - £40 a box but seems to change all the time. I am happy for people to arrange and pay the post costs themselves if they want and just email me the address labels. Its not really any more expensive to post 2 or 3 clubs, so getting a 3 & 5 wood at the same time will massively reduce the post cost per club.

Hey NRG,

So if I googled it right, that is about $160 for the club and then about another $60 for shipping for a total of $220?

I have a PT13 3wood that I will get bent here so I only need the driver. But I would like that 975D with the 8.5… So how do we proceed? Paypal? Maybe you can email me and we can go from there since I need to give you my shipping address and all. My email address is kevinhutto (at) gmail.com


A couple of people have asked if I can provide bent clubheads so they can fit their own shafts and if I a can provide fairway woods too.

I can do a 975D with 2 Titleist PT fairway woods or 2 TM Burner fairway woods




Drivers are bent to 50°, 3 woods 51° and 5 woods 52°

A 975D & 2 TMs for £190
A 975D & 2 PTs for £220 (PTs are more expensive for me to buy than TMs).

Can shaft them with brand new X Steel shafts and new grips inc ABS weighting etc for £20 each. £30 to spray paint & lacquer the driver.
Post for 3 clubheads to US is around £30 or £40 for 3 clubs with shafts, or you can arrange for post and email me the address labels.

Can also do a 975D with TMs in left handed but have very limited stock.



I have a Titleist 975D for sale fitted with a brand new 90gm Grafalloy Blue Prolaunch 85X shaft & a ABS spec PT 3 wood.
The 90gm shaft is halfway between a modern 60gm and a 120gm steel shaft.

Driver spec - 260cc head, loft 9.5°, lie 50°, length 44", SW D6, weight 12oz, brand new Grafalloy Blue Prolaunch 85 X flex shaft with brand new blue Golf Pride New Decade Multi Compound grip.
3 wood spec - loft 15°, lie 51°, length 42", SW D5, weight 13.8oz, brand new steel X flex shaft, brand new Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip.



Cost for Driver & 3 wood £200 + post