Flat and flatter

I have 2-9 Percussion Center irons with stiff Hogan True Temper shafts, and I have been working on Module 1, off and on, for the last few months. Off and on because of physical injury and travelling. I am barely 5 foot eight and have always had a flattish swing. Anyway, I bent these irons around 4 degrees flat, and hadn’t been playing them (using ‘Directors’), and was fiddling with them this afternoon, trying to get them uniformly 4 degrees when I thought hang this and took them out to the lie board, at 4 degrees they were all off the heel - every one. So I put them in the bending apparatus and gave them a good tug.

On return to the lie board the 2-iron at 49 degrees was marking the centre of the sole, the 3 at 50.5 was nearly central, the 4 at 52 was slightly toward the heel, the 5 at 6 degrees flat still hitting the heel, the 9 at 7 degrees flat was well toward the heel. The upshot is that it seems that I need to bend the set close to 9 degrees flat to show centre impact on the lie board. I know lie boards aren’t perfect.

The hosel’s structure on the 7 is approaching that of well cooked spaghetti.

If my memory serves me well, Lag has written of people going to 8 degrees??? My question is is this anomalous or have I really flattened my hit or do I have anything to concern myself with.

Any information concerning this matter would be greatly appreciated. As the great Roland Kirk said, 'e’s flat and I’m flat too.



If your 5-8 and have a fairly flat swing, then 8 down should be fine.
At 8 down, you definitely would not want any offset on your clubs.

Thanks John

Is the theory: at 8 down, you are more inclined to be open at impact, and if you have offset, you may have to do something ‘irregular’ to square the face?

Thanks again


Embrace your flatness.


Sometimes, the business ain’t nothin’ but the blues, not getting too far into the vernacular…

what is the actual lie of your 7 iron?

5-8 flat can be different depending on what you use as your standard.



I was using Lag’s specifications as 6 degrees flat, and working from there, and I have used the lie board as the arbiter rather than slavishly follow some ‘ideal’ number. For example the 3 iron has ended up 10 degrees flat while I have hit pretty well a bending limit on the 8 and 9 at approximately 7 degreees flat but these two clubs are still somewhat upright according to the lie board.

I took the clubs out last night and didn’t have any problems, even with the 2 and 3 irons which are the flattest.



Interesting. You might want to take a video of yourself swinging with different clubs. Pay particular attention to your hands at impact.