Fairway Odds.....or.....Fairly Odd!

Slow day at home…no chores…too much time to wander in the mind… so I did. I was thinking about the odds of hitting and landing in fairways…but from a rat perspective- which as many here already know is a little off the charts sometimes!

For simplicity the following assumptions are being made:

1. A 1" golfball diameter. 2. 360 dimples per ball. 3. Each dimple is 1/8th of an inch. 4. The size of the fairway grid to have a ball stop within is 40 yards x 40 yards.

On we go- the grid size breaks down to this:

1600 square yards
4800 square feet
57, 600 square inches

Now each square inch of the grid will have 64 discrete points in which to one of those 1/8 inch dimples can sit upon after coming to rest.

So, the 40 x 40 yard grid would have a total of 3, 686, 400 ( 57,600 x 64 ) discrete points in which only one of 360 dimples would need to come to rest on.

Any of you math guys like to help out a rat at this point. Assuming the math is correct up to this point, what are the odds of having one dimple come to rest in an area that is 1600 square yards? :sunglasses:

:open_mouth: WOAH!! :open_mouth: I like it

You do have way too much time on your hands!