Fact or Fiction- still a good read

I found this article in an older magazine. Bypassed it a few times just scanning for cool pics to post and save…then I read a part of it. It’s pretty good stuff…talking about courses, clubs, technology all the way back in 1992…shows that there are others out there with some insight to what the golfing world has gravitated towards even 18 years ago.
There is some great interviews in the Vault also when you get access- Palmer, Player, Nicklaus, Norman, Price-- all mentioning how technology has altered the game too much and that great courses are becoming obsolete and how the governing bodies really need a mulligan to go and mop up the mess they have made.

“To the Linksland” is one of my favourite golf books.

Every time I finish reading it I dream of Dornoch, St Andrews and the other great linksland courses and head off to Castlerock to get some of it in for myself as well.

Bamberger is a pretty good writer and usually contributes to the PGA round table discussion every Sunday evening.

Great post. ‘To the Linksland’ is one of the greatest golf books ever written (I’ve read hundreds over the course of 35 years) - particularly the chapters on Scottish professional Mr. John Stark. We all wish to cross paths with someone of his wisdom.


I agree, one of the best golf books ever written and reminds me that I have to play golf in Scotland before I depart from this world. I was at a European tour event once and saw that Teravainen was playing in it. Took my book and asked him to sign it while he was warming up!