ESPN Sport Science: New Technology Vs. Old

This might get a conversation going.


Thanks, great post.
It would be great if they could be more detailed and cover other interesting topics, like how shot dispersion has changed for certain players etc… but they only get 3 minutes in the segment so it is what it is.
Not sure the difference is actually 45 yards between the clubs. I have high swing speeds and have found that it’s probably closer to 30 yard difference when I play with modern vs. persimmon drivers. But who knows

I think the key part of that segment is when they compare where his drive with a persimmon club lands compared to a modern toaster. I think this is the biggest change in golf and that the modern game really isn’t similar to the game 20 years ago. Courses were designed so for specific types of shots and now technology is compromising the designs.

Perfect example is #13 at Augusta - used to be only a well placed long drive could set up a shot at the green. Now you have Bubba hitting an 8 iron for his second shot.

I can’t imagine how long a course would have to be to bring back long iron play into the game. (do I sound like John? :smiley: )

Interesting to see Rory swinging a persimmon. It’s a nice look. I still think seeing the frying pans in the hands of a pro looks absurd.

His pivot sequencing is not ideal with the heavier club. They mentioned his drive clocked in at 274 yards. He would have been one of the longer hitters, but then again maybe not, because he might have to reign things in a bit to figure out how to hit the ball in the fairway more often. It used to be an advantage to doing that.

That video is sponsored by Nike.
Enough said.

Pssssh… I pumped a 302 yd drive with a persimmon 2 wood yesterday while splitting a 20 yd wide fairway, everyone is different plus I grew up playing Persimmon and that move is stored in the subconscious… I’d play persimmon every round if the ball didn’t feel so crappy coming off the face… Have a game Sunday with a big mouth who cares about distance only on a course you have to hit precise shots… He’ll be using his frying pan trying to overpower the course… He’ll need a chainsaw to recover… I’ll have my Persimmon 1and 2 wood… Game on!! :slight_smile:

Outstanding! Break out the balatas and carve him up! Don’t even pull the 1 wood, just use the 2 wood and when you come off the 18th green say casually something like…‘I don’t know why I even carry the driver, I didn’t use it.’

Hope everyone had a great Easter… That match was too easy, 70-84… I hit 12/14 fairways 15/18 greens with 32 putts… Little rusty with the putter but this early the greens were bumpy and slow… After about 11 holes he said, 'I just want to sit back and watch this"… Was a lot of fun… :slight_smile:

Great play Tony, top man.

It’s shocking that a segment sponsored by Nike Golf would wholeheartedly endorse the benefits of their modern golf gear.

Did anyone else notice that Rory teed up the persimmon driver way too high?

Not one mention of accuracy, just comparing distance. I would have liked to seen a little data on shot dispersion and what Rory thought. Hitting that persimmon he was probably like “whoa, what’s this thing I feel at the end of the shaft? Never noticed that before!”