Differnce between MT1 and MT2 shafts

Hi I have just won a set (2-9) of Macgregor VFQ irons fron 1962, but dont know yet if they are the MT1 or MT2 shafts. Am I correct in thinking that MT1 is stiff, MT2 reg etc and roughly what would a modern equivilent be DG S300 & DGR 300?

Many thanks


The MT1 are stiff… really X by today’s standard. The shafts back then had thicker walls and play great for hitters.
The shafts are the same shaft, just cut differently. The step patterns are cut down an extra inch in the MT1’s.
You can turn 2’s into 1’s by tipping them.

Cheers mate, good to know :smiley:

Would that apply to the MT3 as well?

I believe it would, yes.

The bottom step on a shaft is closest to the neck on a wedge… then moves in 1/2 increments upward into the longer irons.
So the stiffer the shaft, the closer that first step is going to be to the neck. The first cut with a wedge defines the whole set,
then they cut less and less off as they move through a set by 1/2 inch increments. The shafts are looser in longer irons and they are longer, but the heads are also lighter in long irons so this is the compensation that is made to balance the load on the shaft.

Wood shafts are actually a different designed shaft. Smaller tip diameter and much looser and longer. The idea of that was to offer more whip at the bottom for the player to drive the ball farther… but this is a compromise and requires a much greater timing element in the golf swing to deal with. My feeling is that hitters and swingers need different shafts in the woods. I don’t think it is a accident or just personal preference that Palmer and Hogan played telephone pole wood shafts.
There is good physics behind that.