deuce grind after module 1.

Hello fellow ABSers, I had went all-in and purchased a set of 1969 Wilson Staff irons and early 70’s era Top-Flite persimmons when I signed up 3 months ago. I was given the ok on mod 2 last week and wanted to show the state of the deuce and the garage floor practice area after approximately 12k reps.

vw grinding.jpg
vw garage floor.jpg

I few friends are pissed that I’m screwing up a club that Johnny Miller could have played. RIGHT. I’m just trying to find a stable low point… And hardly succeeding.

Peace, VW

I think Mr Miller would approve…

If I had a Ferrari 250 GTO, it certainly wouldn’t be sat around to be admired, it would be driven

Thank you very much for the encouragement! I appreciate it!

My sympathy. I also pound out the reps on a concrete floor most of the time. You may have sorted this out by now but if not then you could try sticking a bit if carpet/mat on the concrete floor. It will get chopped up and need replacing regularly, but it offers a little protection between club and concrete when you do get too low and chop the floor. Mine is also a striped mat so I can lay it out with the stipes along the 4:30 line. :smiley:

After that many reps on a hard floor you may need to check the loft and lie before play. Just a thought. Mike

A little late, but couldn’t you do that on a sheet of plywood and not wear the club down so much?

I am one of the earliest ABSers. Having gone though too many carpet mats (and ripping a few of her favorite ones; it becomes an addiction right?), last fall I found some kind of plastic flooring material from a carpet store its about half inch thick. They ordered a nice 4 by 3 piece for me. It has stood the test of time for almost a year with no breakage or loosing shape despite sitting in our garage in up to minus 40 in the winter. Plus there is no more powder mess. I am shy to ask the carpet store about what it is called, cos I never intended to install it in all of my garage. :smiley:
Gee i even thought of steeling a mud flap from a 12 wheeler. :blush:

Also buy a 2/3 iron from any goodwill store for practice, so you wont worry about the one from your set.