Clubmaking/fitting schools?

Has anyone gone through any of the clubmaking/fitting schools offered by Golfsmith, Maltby, etc? If so, what did you think of the experience? Thanks.


I haven’t been to the schools but have Maltby’s and Golfsmith’s how-to-books. Also have most of their equipment such as freq & torque analyzers, lie & loft bending machine etc. I’d go but not sure how much they could teach me after making clubs for many years as a hobby.

If you want to be in the business you might want to attend but as a hobby it might not be required.

Hope it helps and if you have any specific questions just ask away

I think like Mashie… you will learn more by having the tools and just working on things yourself.
Get some old clubs you may have, find or no-one wants and just fool around with it. It is really all basic stuff today compared to having to re-whip clubs and re -stain etc. They won’t teach you anything to do with a persimmon at a school anyhow if that is a passion also.
Most items you only need are: Drill, Vice- Shaft Clamp- Tape- Ferrules- Gas- Acetone- Blue Away- Heat Gun- – Probably a shaft extractor for graphite shafts as they tend to split from over heating at times
With all those items you can pretty much do anything repair related and have fun doing it yourself … loft/lie machine has also been invaluable to be but not necessary for many
I think you would be better to spend the $$ on the gear instead of the school and just go for it yourself. Much better to DO than to WATCH or listen
Any questions you can look online or post here

Is the ‘complete shaft changing kit’ offered by golf smith the best way to go?

I left my wilson’s with the assistant pro at my club in December and he’s still working on them… :open_mouth:

And—It’s fun messing with all that stuff…trying new grips for next to zero money…trying a different shaft…all that stuff…and once you learn a little bit (and I know VERY little) I found my local club guy is very forthcoming with information…I think the old experts enjoy it when us youngsters (I’m 55) show an interest in what to them is a lost art…I have never bent a club or anything, but for the retail price of a new driver, I have the tools to have LOTS of fun !

Plus I have some “new” Haig ultras, so I may be doing some bending… :smiley:

Haven’t looked at it Styles. But for steel shafts in irons all you really need is a heat gun or gas burner to heat the shafts out- new ferrules and shafts go on with epoxy- some tape and solvent (or gasoline) for grips and you are done. maybe some Blue Away to get rid of the heat marks on the hosel or fine steel wool should work
Graphite is obviously different- need a shaft extractor to gently ease the shaft from the head while you heat it with a heat dryer that doesn’t burn the shaft and split it, like a gas burner would
Persimmons and woods- whole different story. Golfsmith (or nearly anyone!) wouldn’t have the tools for that- binding/whipping- long drill- inlays- etc etc