Can someone test out the accuracy of this calculator please

If accurate I will use it on all of my classic sets.

Ant, I don’t think that it can be very accurate. As it says, you really need to weigh separately the club-head, shaft and grip. Also it seems to me that the club length is important, which is not used in this calculation. It does say it’s not very reliable, but that it could be used for comparing swing weights of clubs in the same set. Not sure even if that is true.

I’m a novice on swing weights mind, so I could be completely missing the point!

I do think it is accurate. However, the outcome is highly dependant on the exactness of the measurements your making. You need to measure the total weight of the club (not the individual parts, however you can calculate it that way) and the distance from the back of the club to the balance point. Those are the only facts that are important in measuring the swingweight. But like i said, be sure youre measuring correctly. 1 gram more or less or 1 mm more or less can allready make a difference.

I haven’t tried this calculator but I’m sure it would be based on the same formula I use, and 84425 is spot on regarding the exactness of the measurements. 1mm will make a difference, soI balance the club on the edge of a razor blade for precision. The clubs I measured and tested against a swingweight machine were mostly within 1 swingweight point, the occasional club 2 swingweight points. That’s accurate enough.

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I stand corrected then… :blush: :smiley:
I’ve used this on the one iron I’m using, and it came out as C6 … hmmm. I think I need heavier clubs - it tells me on that website that this is typical for women’s clubs. :confused:
Just for interest, moving the balance point by 3mm would move the swing weight by 1 point - so not that sensitive - although perhaps the sensitivity of this measurement increases as we go to higher swing weights.

Hi Teddy,

I am pretty sure that TP-11 1 iron isn’t C6. I would guess it was around D2 from memory but it is just a guess!

Cheers, Arnie

I didn’t realise they were so cheap. I’m sure for someone who likes to tinker one of these would be a great buy.

I’d call it a necessity…

for a fanatic…

That calculator is actually very accurate. And I just have a cheap kitchen scale. But like /ag said, “for a clubie, a sw scale is def a necessity!” I’ve seen mint Kenneth Smith’s on eBay for $30 already!

Hope this helps,


Yep this estimator is very accurate, i did my set using this then had them checked a few weeks after on a proper scale and they were pretty much spot on. I used grams for the weight and millimetres for the length so everything was pretty spot on, it’s just time consuming thats all. My better half would kill me if i bought a proper set of scales just to weigh my clubs :wink:

Looking at the golfsmith s/w scale, doesn’t it work with the same exact principle as the DYI kitchen scale method? Maybe the measurements are easier to do precisely, but what other differences are? Can somebody explain? FWIW I’ve had satisfactory results with the DIY scale.

I read through the manual of the golfsmith scale and I simply don’t see how it could be any different from this using these tools ( aside from convenience and ease of use. It uses the same lorythmic scale, and if you want more accurate numbers than the estimator gives the formula for calculating SW is easy enough to find. I can understand that there’s more to it when you’re building a club and you have the components separated, but for assembled clubs I don’t know what more you could do.

fwiw i’ve had the golfsmith version for probably 15 maybe 20 years, measures sw and total weight. very easy to use and can quickly do alot of clubs.

i had to dig it out of the dust once i joined abs, but now it sits right next to my vice that i bend irons with.

no idea what it cost but i’m sure i didn’t pay alot for it…