Broken 3 Wood

So the head of my persimmon three wood came flying off after hitting the ball when I played yesterday. A true Happy Gilmore moment. The head went further than the ball.

Anyway, this was a Louisville Golf persommon I had reshafted with a steel shaft. Do you all think the job was done poorly?

Also, does anyone have a set of persimmons in good shape that’d they be willing to part with?

Did the shaft break at the head or did the head ‘slide’ of the shaft?

The head slid off the shaft. As far as I could feel the clubhead did not strike ground before flying off…

The guy definitely a poor job on your 3wd! Good thing is you can still use the shaft for another head.
If you get a hold of some high shear strength & slow curing epoxy you can fix it yourself, it isn’t difficult at all.

The problem is that the 3 wood head went into knee high rough. Spent 20 minutes looking and could not find it :imp: