bending MP 14s a lot. good idea or not?

I got a set of MP 14s a while back. They have X100 shafts, Crossline grips, and they are heavy. I played them a couple of times, I really like the weight of the clubs(E3)but had the tendency to hook really bad, which I never do. I bought a magnetic protractor and found that they are extremely upright. 2-7 63* 8-PW 64*. My question is this: Is there any realistic possibility of bending these clubs to where they need to be? Everything about them is good except the lie angle. I would love to keep them, but if I can’t bend them to where they need to be then I will have to sell them. Also, the shafts are parallel, so everything else I have uses tapered shafts so I can’t really use the shafts either. I am not planning on boring out all my tapered clubs. Too much hassle at this point. Just wondering if this set is salvagable or not. Thanks

I’ve bent a set of Mizuno MP67s down to 8 degrees flat without any issues. No idea if they are the same construction as the MP14s, but I guess you would be fine.

Thanks for the input NRG. Sounds like they’re keepers then. I will give them a bend at some point in the future after I find a bending machine.


There seems to be a lot of off-set to my MP14’s. Do you find the same?


I’m not sure as to how much comparatively speaking. I think the center of the shaft lines up with the 1st or 2nd groove. I was just looking at an extra club that was in a set I bought this week and it looks like the leading edge is just inside the back side of the shaft! That’s a lot of offset. If my MP14s didn’t have the x100 shafts in them, I wouldn’t even worry about them, but really like the weight they have so will probably try to bend them down to where they need to be. If I can figure out how to get the offset out, I’ll try that too.

I loved the weight of them as well, but the offset became less attractive for me once I learned about ABS specs. I have not read much on the forum about tweaks done to older Mizuno models. The MP-14 hosels are much shorter than most of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s sets I see here. There is also the brittleness of the forgings to consider. I’ve read the vintage clubs were softer and easier to work with. Lag has mentioned that offset can be worked out of most irons by experienced hands. The incorrect photo below looks a hell of a lot like my MP14’s. If you find out more about bending these clubs please let us know.

There’s not much you can do with a short hosel, except to add some loft which reduces offset. Much better to start off with something older which needs less work.

Duly noted. I have several sets that look like they have minimal offset, so I will probably start working on them first. Too bad though, nice shafts on those clubs.