Augusta history

1993_ The last time a persimmon driver was used to win Bernard Langer.

1st hole Tea Olive_ 465 yds driver 7 iron Tiger Woods . First tjme Jack Nicklaus played it driver 7 iron 400 yds.

1982_ last time players were required to use the clubs caddies

Jack Nicklaus only player to record two eagles on par 4"s the same hole

My pick the favorite Tiger Woods because everyone else looks horrible

My pick…

Another first time major winner. With the event no longer requiring the traditional shot trajectory into the green complexes as intended, it more or less plays like any other event where we see lots of first time winners.

here’s a link to the practice day … r_embedded
shows many players using drivers

I have looked at the video and to my eyes most players seem to flick at the ball and/or stall the hips. If anyone has seen the video, could you point out any swings on that video that comes close to what is taught at ABS?

Thats not a vid, its a Flick…


A few minutes into the video Jose Maria Olazabal tees it up. I’m sure his swing wouldn’t be classic ABS. But he works the shaft in on a shallow AOA with decent acceleration. He doesn’t stall nearly as much as some of the younger players. other than that its a lot of swish and flick.

There are not many that are close, and as I understand it there is no one that is in the same league as Hogan, Snead, Knudson etc. The ones that are close will not get there with modern equipment, could not agree more with Lag and Two on this. Modern players that have ABS elements are Hunter Mahan, Sergio Garcia, Matteo Manassero, Alvaro Quiros, Peter Senior, Gary Woodland before Butch, Jim Furyk, Yani Tseng, Lydia Ko. There are more, this is what I can think of. If Lag or Two got to coach a player like these that can score and have the mental requirements to be pro then they would create a machine. Peter Senior is the best, watch Lags video about him on youtube. When you get to 16:14 and beyond you will know why no players are at that level now, Two would have been at that level when he beat him in 93.

I doubt Olazabel, my friend caddied in his group in the pga a couple years ago and said he was hitting it horrible, but he said Jimenez was in the group and was one of the best ball strikers he’d seen. In that video i though Russell henley and the Amatuer Nathan Smith looked decent through the ball, he’s not long but hits is very straight at about 535, and 600 into the video. David Toms at 1620 looks very good through impact. It’s amazing how upright that Japanese players driver looks at 1508, and then looks like he pauses for a long time at his transition.


Great replies.

After watching the Flick a second time, I could see Hunter doesn’t stall and his fairway wood face is slightly open at P3, hard to tell cause it’s a little blurry.
Good call on Russell Henley and David Toms, they both look compact (right arm close to body), no stalling.

With regards to the driver face at P3, is it physically possible to have the face slightly open and still square the face at impact? All the players in that vid have the face at most 90 degrees relative to ground
eg DTL view for right hander |

Went to the practice round yesterday, about 10 years since I have been. Will post some thoughts about the course design Lag wrote, been excited to look at the course again in person from the perspective of using vintage clubs. Guess you were down there 3 iron, what do you think of how the course would play with pre 1960s clubs and balata. 18 is one of my favorite tee shots, tight area to begin with but not that intimidating with a metal wood. Miss left or right with a metal wood and you can not have a great way to the green but a mishit can still bypass the narrow opening. I was thinking if I had my persimmon, not only would a miss curve more but because the distance loss would not allow you to get past the tight opening.

In the Senior video above 3iron, 5:52 club wide open at the 4:30 line and at 16:14 Lag tells you how it is physically possible. … &start=230

Page for last post, half way down he shows Hogan and modern players. Physically possible to do what you ask 3iron, but not going to occur modern guys swing it.

Thankfully Augusta has their priorities straight keeping the “Tradition” of affordable food prices circa 1970’s.


I wish I could be there, just to experience the atmosphere.

Gary player has it very shallow and the face pretty open at p3. John Peterson is a bit steeper but looks very good through impact, and the clubfaces arent rolling over post impact. Furyk is also very shallow coming in but with the face more closed at p3, but he keeps the clubface looking at the target longer than anyone post impact.






It’s always interesting to see how these great players swings age over time. Player’s swing is pretty much intact. On a classic track with razor tight fairways, I think Player could still compete… make the cut and finish with a respectable placing even at his age. This is a golf swing that stands the test of time… and I’m thrilled to see it. All the principals I promote are right there in plane view. I’m thrilled he is still out there knocking them around.

Any UK based chaps catch sky sports’ “Sporting Heroes - Ian Woosnam” last night? He Had a brief mention about using persimmon and how his swing just doesn’t work with the now gear… “It does it all for you, my swing was different compared to what you need today, it had to be…”

Dustin Johnson 9 iron into the 15th are you taking the piss???

Yea 3iron brought my girlfriend cause she has never been, heard they might start scanning out the practice round tickets in a few years and not allowing them to be given or sold again. Decided to get there in the afternoon and get some tickets, got lucky and ran into some members from the course I work at that were done. Apply for the practice round lottery, if you have not been it is a must even if you have to travel some.

Did not think about that tradition Lag, beers were cheaper there than the course I work at. ABS is like the food at the masters, the best food cheap price. Traditional ABS game, the best irons and woods ever made for a cheap price. Finally added a set of Macgregor Tourney split soles, might have been played 30 rounds $16.

My wife taped The Masters for me… but inadvertently recorded the 1965 Highlight reel instead when Jones proclaimed about Nicklaus’ 9 stroke victory “He’s playing a game I am not familiar with”.

I found it more interesting to watch that then the coverage today that was still on live TV. Jack hitting an 8 iron into 11 had never been seen before… but he was still coming into 15 with a 2 iron. Jack was the longest of his day… the Daly or Bubba of his era.

It was interesting however, that while Jack won by nine over Player and Palmer, he beat both of them by 10 and 11 strokes on the par 3 holes over the course of the four days. He didn’t win the event because of his length as many assumed he did. It’s a great clip of history, and interesting to hear Sarazen talking about how Very Few of the players in 65 will be able to get home in two on 15… only the longest hitters will even have a chance. He talked about in his era that the only reason he was able to reach was because the fairways were running out 50 to 60 yards of roll on the tee shots. He had about 230 out with his famous 4 wood.

One of the things I find most interesting about the current Masters is to see how some of the former champions from past generations still play. Not mentioned in the telecast, but Sandy Lyle shooting 73 is pretty impressive. To go out and beat the defending champion in the first round by 2 shots… and tie the reigning US Open Champion and Stricker to me is the story of the day.

Couples playing well is not as surprising as he is still playing a full schedule and has kept himself in good condition. Couples hit driver 9 iron into #1. That says something.