Ask Bradley Hughes!

Hi Tim,

Welcome! I think most students will migrate to somewhere between 4 and 6 degrees flat and there is good reason to think that it a good idea to do it earlier rather than later in you ABS journey at the very least for training purposes.

You may well have found these threads yourself but just in case:

On the whole debate of benefits of flat vs upright:
On the topic of how flat to go: [url]Going Flat!...But how far?]
Student Intro thread if you want to introduce yourself to the world: [url]]

There are plenty of UK students on here and some of them are even alright :wink: I’m based down on the south coast myself and have far too many sets of blades so if you want a set to buy / borrow a set that has already been flattened I have a few would work nicely. Get yourself a nice persimmon (again plenty here if needed) and your good to go!

All the best,