As i am developing into my modules, i find myself aligning more and more left of the target. Do any of you guys find yourself doing this?

When i do align myself in the so called “correct way” using sticks and such, it feels way to weird, very closed. My aligning to much left may be whats causing a lot of my fade shots?


Brandon Peck

i think i’m right in saying it’s ok to be aligned left & work our way back to square as we progress & develop stronger m1, & that it is better to do that than be square & have to flip the club to avoid batting it over 1st base.

I think we may have similar issues & if you’ve always been a cutter, as I have, it is probably the m1 that is the hardest to really master & that needs a tonne of work.

Alignment is more a by product of your golf swing. As your swing improves, so will you alignment. Lining up square is not going to hand you a perfect golf swing. Hacker aim right because they don’t understand the optical illusion of looking down upon their swing plane from above, and that what they should instead be seeing is the 4:30 line. Only if we were swinging on an eye plane would we see straight lines.

Better to aim left than right while practicing in the beginning while learning to swing the club properly. When you are on the golf course, aim where you think the ball is going to go when you hit it. Don’t lock yourself into a square alignment when the ball is saying something else. Work on that stuff later.

Also, flatter gear gets you into more of a left alignment that most are used to.

Thanks John!

At least im aligning more left than right. I guess its something we can work on later. This is how i have been aiming lately, by feel. I took a lesson from a pro once before starting ABS and he told me i was the 5% that aimed left. The other 95% of beginners always aimed to much right.


Thanks for the reply! I always been a fader or cutter, naturally. But its not from coming over the top in most instances. Its mostly due, from my opinion, my alignment and post pivot (Mod 3). In time i will learn to balance this out with Mod 1, so i can get a much straighter shot on demand. I can draw the ball if i allow my hands to flip over, but to draw the ball with a frozen square clubface and use my Mod 3 to release the ball is alot harder to get that ball to draw. My shots are either straight or fades.

Hackers aim right because that is the path of their golf swing. Change the swing first, then the alignment will change natually to accommodate. Clubs all over the ground make nice art pieces to be seen by airplanes and flying saucers.

We cover alignment in great detail later in the course… after the module work has had enough time to sink in so that what is put forward will make sense logically, and from a feel standpoint within the body.

Lol, thats a great quote!

Makes you wonder though, when you see Hogan videos of himself practicing, i did not see one club or any alignment sticks/tools that he used. Yet today when u watch pros at the warmup range, you see a good percentage of them using alignment sticks and what not.

This tells me Hogan used a feeling based alignment of where he thought the ball is going to go. Hogan would of probably said the same thing that John said above! :smiley: