Advice on shoes and spikes.....

As my current shoes (with soft spikes) have seen better days I thought I would check on my clubs policy on metal spikes and I was surprised and pleased to be given the all clear. Does anyone have any advice on good shoes / metal spikes ?

Cheers, Arnie

P.S How can I take this old school thing further…perhaps I will get some plus 4’s and a pipe for Christmas and ask my man servant to carry my clubs on boxing day… :wink:

Metal spikes are about as rare as hens teeth Arnie,
Even when PGA players want them in their shoes they become a ‘special order’ as they aren’t the norm and they take longer to get. Many shoes today have an entirely different thread also, so even if you do find some metal spikes they probably won’t fit anyhow.
I found a box of metal spikes (100 in a box) on e-bay about 6 months back and stuck them in my shoes. They came from a manufacturer in Massachusetts and would only fit the foot joy shoes I had and actually only fit into the ‘Classics’ models of Foot Joys
Could be a tough find for you, but it was nice to wear them and the clippity clop on the ground again and feel the earth under me when I swung. I’d keep an eye out for wholesale lots on e-bay. It didn;t cost much- $20 maybe for the entire box- as unlike us- no body wants them or is even allowed to wear them at their course! I think that’s great that the club even let you wear them. Terrific stuff.
I wore mine at a tournament and dug the greens up like you wouldn’t believe… The officials told me to try and be careful when I walked!! I was only walking on the green- not doing a tap dance. The greens were reasonably new so I told them that obviously the greens were shit grass for them to pull up so bad. Great greens to putt on but crap to walk on with spikes- Even greens and their grasses are designed to help now- and designed for the ‘modern gear’ of soft spikes

Thanks Two - good to know. I’m not as light on my feet as I could be but I might see what I can dig up - not literally I hope :laughing: ! Anyone have any favourites in modern shoes/softspikes terms of traction? I know zero apart from the fact that Footjoy and Ecco seem to be well thought of. I also spotted these Champ pro stingers “designed for the adverse weather conditions in Europe” What are they suggesting the sun doesn’t shine all year over here or something…outrageous!

Arnie, my experience has been that steel spikes are easy to get hold of.

maybe its a US thing :confused:

I use the stingers you mention and they are great. You need to ensure they are the right thread for your shoes but they fit most types and have different threads if you need them.

If you or any ABS guys are stuck, give me a shout and I’ll get them shipped to you.

I know this is an old thread, but if anyone hasn’t heard FootJoy closed their Mass factory where they made the Classics forever. Anywhere y’all see your size, snap 'em up immediately, they’ve gone the way of the Dodo. In my experience they run 1/2 size big and one letter wide (my 10.5D=FJC 10C). If anyone has never had a pair, chances are if you find a good fit they’ll be the finest shoe of any kind you will ever own (despite the weight) and with care will last forever. I was rocking my very old cordovan & canvas penny loafer street shoes all day yesterday. I know the greens are WAY better but golf just isn’t Golf without the sound of tungsten on concrete.


Hello divorce court…

Well, if I buy any of those they HAVE to be the Torino, that’s where I was born and lived for 30 years… :sunglasses:

Very nice shoes.