ABS'd 71 buttons

Just returning to golf after 9 year work interruption…

In my struggles I found lag’s club specs had a 68 X31 bent down and wow

Picked up a steal ($40) on a set of 71 Wilson staff buttons
Sent them to lag for loft, lie and zero offset

Time passes/ money saved

DG x200’s go in and enough tungsten to get close to lag’s specs
Except I MOI matched them
1/2" club spread and 8 gram increase ea
Beginning w a 428 gm/15 oz. 39" 2 iron
Black Plastic plug
Mint grips from my 1992 stash

Like a 5 year old on Christmas I zoomed to the range to hit these

Bam I’m 30 again w the extra weight and compression I don’t need to swing like lightning
Swing. evolution begun

sounds great. pics please :slight_smile:

so you didnt have any trouble going from upright lies to the low lie angles ABS suggests.

Not really. 10 swings
I was OTT and couldn’t figure out how I used to slot

So Lag and flat angle made sence to me
My newest irons are '88 callaway s2h2 pat pend’s. 6 iron 60* lie
So the 60* driver lie I am unfamiliar with

here ya go
photo (9).JPG
photo (7).JPG