abs spec wedges

Any ideas where to get wedges that can be abs spec’d I heard most were cast and so not really bendable Im assuming.
I have a set of clevelands right now that are way too steep.

Kindest IanB

You can most likely flatten your Clevelands a bit. I carry a 52 degree Cleveland that is bent 5 degrees flat. It didn’t bend as easily as a forged head, but the hosel is long enough to bend it okay. It’s cast, but it’s an older model. I don’t have any experience with the newer ones. As far as modern forged wedges go, my Scratch 1018 wedge bent pretty easily compared to most modern clubs. Mizuno wedges would probably bend okay as well.

The real difficulty with modern wedges is the weight. None of them are anywhere near heavy enough from the factory.

If you haven’t found it already there is a thread about lags wedges. Basically he uses three wedges, a wilson r20 or r90 just for the sand. An m85 double service wedge with the back edge ground off as a gap wedge, flattened but at sand wedge loft, then he uses a macregor mt step sole pitching wedge, either from 1969 or 1970 for his pitching wedge. You can see a picture on ironfinder.com

I also happen to have purchased these clubs thru ebay. The step sole wedge is my latest purchase but have not yet had it flattened. Of the three clubs, an authentic r20 or r90 may be the hardest to find on ebay. I bought mine from ebay seller lupinacci64. He is an old golf pro who seemed to have a few stashed that he would sell or have his students use. The other two should be easier to find, the macgregor is called “d.s.” For double service, the mt is sometimes called split sole, though I think step sole is more accurate.

Here are my weights for my wedges:
R20 with brown shaft, long leather grip: 17.45 oz. i believe no two are exactly the same.
I have 2 m85 d.s. wedges: one is 18.15 oz, the other 18.5 oz! both with original cord grip.
The mt step sole wedge, with stock shaft and grip, no lead tape, is 17.35 oz