2010 Australian Masters

I will be attending the practice day tomorrow for a few hours with camera in hand.

HERE is a list of players.

Is there anyone in particular that someone might like me to try and get on video camera?

I don’t think Tiger is flying in until the afternoon and I have lessons to get back to so I think I’ll miss him. A good mate of mine is playing with Geoff Ogilvy tomorrow so I will probably be able to get him no problems.

I will check this thread before I leave and when I am there.

Hey Willow,

Thanks for the offer :slight_smile: . I don’t know a of of the guys but these are the ones that would interest me:

Peter Senior
Sergio Garcia
Robert Allenby
Jin Jeong

Cheers, Arnie

I am trying to post some images I have uploaded to photobucket but when I add the url into the img quote marks it comes up with: “It was not possible to determine the dimensions of the image.”

I then tried to upload them as an attachment but it will only let me do one… I can’t seem to upload more than one in the same post… Can anyone help me pls?

Worked it out :slight_smile: Video coming in the next day or so…










Nice one Willow, looking forward to the video as well. Hope you had a good day!

Cheers, Arnie

There’s nothing better than nice, big, clear photos. Thanks for posting.

Glad to see you got lots of Appleby. I was lucky to witness his glorious round last year at the Australian Open when he tamed the wind that no-one else could. Not sure I’ll ever see better play than that, and not surprised to see him shoot the 59 a couple of months ago.

Cheese Donkey posted this advice on embedding video last year:

Just figured out a new, potentially easier way to post youtube videos:

Try entering the following:


Naturally, you will want to insert the proper URL webpage code for the video you’re looking to embed (which can typically be found on the right of the youtube site)…

so, if your URL is, say: youtube.com/watch?v=C-CreBqV52w

insert the URL between [youtube] and [/youtube]

Should work for Vimeo as well…

[vimeo]Vimeo Video URL[/vimeo]

Cheers, Arnie

Thanks Addington Arnie







Another one of Sergio Face On…

I’m off to bed now… Been a long day. Masters from 9am till 3:30pm then drive to work and teach from 5:30pm till 8pm then download and edit footage :slight_smile:

Great stuff, Willow. Thanks a lot for sharing. The Sergio stuff is fantastic. He’s one of those ‘few in a generation’ talents- he should be winning with some sort of ease. If he could develop a little nonchalant reactiveness with the putter, he’d be very tough to beat as pure as he strikes it.

thanks for posting!


Really good views and work. Thank you.

Thanks willow for the footage.

Thanks Willow, great stuff!

I would like to see some more still pictures half way between impact and P4 if you can get them.

Thanks again.

Doesn’t it look like Appleby is coming over the top slightly, getting a bit steep on the downswing, hanging back a bit and rolling it over quickly?

Now watch him go out and win this tournament. :slight_smile:

I didn’t see Appleby hit a shot that deviated any more than 3 feet the whole time I watched him. Firing arrows the whole time I was there.

Sergio clearly didn’t have control of his game… I didn’t see him hit many good shots.

Happy to see Tiger hitting 2 iron at tee box 11th.

Sergio Garcia - Down the Line view

Some more video’s…






I hope you are enjoying these but there is still a lot more to come… Stay Tuned :slight_smile:

A little treat for everyone here… We only hear Ian Baker-Finch commentating these days… Well guess who found him hitting a few shots on the practice fairway :slight_smile: