2009 PGA

Taking a look at the last nine holes.

Again, much to my disappointment, driving accuracy is not paramount in a major. #10, Tiger hits horrible drive rt, hits a tree
ends up fine. Hits 9 iron from 183. Players used to hit 4 irons from 180. Much more exciting see a player pull the long iron.

I watch Kjeldsen apparently appears to be in deep rough, but unlike Hogan missing the fairway at Olympic on 18 and having to wedge out twice … I watch a guy pull a wood out and land the shot on the green rolling over from 225. Where is the penalty?
To me this is absurd.

#11. I would think that a 5 par at 606 would be a three shot hole… however, Tiger is on it two… makes a fine birdie.

#12. Tiger hooks a driver way left… result? 6 iron off perfect lie with a shot to the green. No penalty. He makes a very poor chip from beyond the green and bogey.

#13. 3 iron from 240? Hits fantastic shot to 12 feet. misses putt. Faldo mentions how equipment has made the game easier for all these guys, bigger sweetspots, bigger heads… lighter shafts and clubs.

#14. I like a drivable par 4. Risk and reward. Not any big risk here. Both Tiger and Yang miss green, but it was nice to see Yang holes out for eagle, doesn’t seem to fear Tiger. It’s nice to see a guy look him in the eye and seem to say… ok… beat me! Good stuff.

#15. Even a 640 yard par five leaves Tiger within green’s reach with a 5 wood… I suppose that a 5 par now needs to be over 700 to become a true three shot hole. Tiger hits great drive and is now 2 for 5 hitting fairways on the back nine. Yang hold up nicely. I like his determination.

#16. Both play the hole well, fairway and green. Tiger is 3 for 6 in fairways.

#17 190 is now a 7 iron. I would rather seen guys pulling a lower lofted club and having to hit a great golf shot. Dropping it in from the sky with a 7 is not all that exciting. Both hit good shots. Tiger over the green but looked like a good strike.
Yang, shows his first cracking of the nerves… very poor lag putt sets up the three putt. Tiger showing unusually weak putting for him.

#18. Both hit good drives. Yang one up, should have basic shot to green, and two putts should win the event for him.
Yang hits utility stiff, outside a miracle, that should win event! I am very happy to see someone not choke in the presence of Tiger. Tiger hits a great shot. His iron play I think was excellent, what we should expect from the #1 in the world.

I do suspect this will show other players that Tiger is not invincible in the titanium age. Tiger’s record of holding on for every Sunday is amazing, but I think a lot of players along the way have bowed to his intimidation.

I find the style of modern golf very boring. Very little emphasis on driving accuracy. Big perfect greens hold shots fine. Trees rarely in play. Nothing unique about the PGA, as usual a watered down US Open at best. It looked much like a typical PGA Tour event. Very open off the tee… but at 7600 playing a bit longer with marginally longer rough that makes only a slight difference.

I still think the Australian Open is a better major offering a more interesting test, a unique style of golf, as does the US Open, The Masters, and The Open.

Maybe now it’s time for an Asian Major. :sunglasses:

Congrats Mr Yang! Good stuff.

Someone who doesn’t crumble, Thank the Lord!!!

Yang played real good stuff, apart from a nervy first putt on 17, he looked very composed through out, and SMILED and ENJOYED it !!!

Please give Tiger back his nice and heavy Titleist 975D metal wood with steel shaft. He doesn’t know where the clubhead is it would seem.Or the fairway :blush:

One interesting fact about Yang is that he learned golf at the age of 19. So, it’s never too late to learn golf :wink: