12 Year Old ABS Student from Norway

After two years of ABS drilling through Mod 9

You’ve got to see this video!:


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Such a simple looking swing.
I noticed how he takes the club back low and inside. Does/can this take some difficulty out of slotting the club properly for the downswing (???)


Very impressive!

Holy crap what’s his story? His action looks a lot like lee trevino.

His swing is like a poster-child for the ABS concepts.

Just backed him with Ladbrokes to win the Open within 20 years, 5000/1

That was a lot of fun to watch. This kid really seems to enjoy what he is doing. Now we just have to get him some persimmons!

Now if we can get Jim McKay, Byron Nelson, and Bob Rossburg to do voice-overs to go with that theme music, we’ll have a winner.


He has what people- (false teachers and armchair golfers) says about Hogan “THE REVERSE PIVOT”. Of course Hogan or this talented kid does not have a reverse pivot or stack and tilt! If you watch the front view his head shifts to his left in the backswing. Just thought this was an interesting thing about his swing. What a great swing! Someone over there on secret in the dirt would give a left testical to be able to swing like that! :smiley:

It would be great if someone posted that gif on my thread over there. I would be interested to see the reaction. :sunglasses:

Yes, put the gif of the kid side by side with the Trevino gif. Love that imagery


Would love to know how good David is now.

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Love that music. Reminds me of ladies night at the boat club

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Great swing there…love seeing a youngster adopt these principles.